5 mistakes bosses do while hiring new candidates

Most of the bosses try to put pressure on new employees right from day-1, but this is one of the biggest mistakes bosses will commit because on the first day of the employee’s new job if the employee is in pressure then it would give a bad impression for the candidate which in turn leads to affect employee’s comfort. Hence here are five mistakes bosses commit while hiring new candidates into their companies:

  1. Not introducing the new employee to the existing team, this would create discomfort in both the new employee & existing employees which would lead to taking more time to mingle with the team.
  2. Bossy attitude with a new employee is another mistake done by employers, this mistake will lead to creating distance between employee & the boss.
  3. Not conveying the expectation from a new employee will lead to a mess, the employee will get confused right from the first day of his job.
  4. Pushing employee towards targets putting aside the learning curve, this would make the employee feel less excited about his job.
  5. Not guiding the new employee on the company’s culture will make the employee feel uncomfortable, hence the employee has to check with the co-employees for everything.

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