Four ways to nail the first call with a recruiter

Every job-seeker will get a chance to talk to the recruiter first on-call, hence this is an important call because this call will build create the first impression for the recruiter on you. Usually, recruiters will do the first call just to say that your profile is short-listed & they want to invite for an interview, besides this invitation recruiter also check with your way of speaking, responding and behavior on call. Hence here are the four ways to nail the first call with a recruiter.

  1. List out your strengths for which the recruiter would be hiring you, the recruiter will be trying to find out if you have basic qualification as per their requirement.
  2. Showcase your interest to the recruiter, this gesture will make recruiter happy because they will always be looking for candidates with good technicality & interest in joining their company.
  3. Show the recruiter that you are a cultural fit, every recruiter thinks if the employee can fit in their office culture besides qualification.
  4. Understand the recruiter’s role, this would help you in your further rounds of interview & also try to find out what exactly the recruiter is expecting from you so that you can be well prepared for the main interview.

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